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A portion of the proceeds from the sale of The Music Man: Our Rootin’, Tootin’ Hero through the end of January will be donated to the Milford Community Band in Delaware.



A middle grade mystery novel that will have you wondering about the secrets your own family might hold! You’ll be saying “Yes, And what else…” in no time!

Genevieve didn’t know fourth grade would be the year that everything changed — and it all started with her mother’s toes and an unsuspecting, wandering dad! This would be the year Gen learns that life is an open book waiting to be written, or is it that life is a stage? Stumbling into a nearby shack with her best friend by her side, Gen finds long-hidden secrets, a path to new friends and a wild adventure filled with theatrics. It’s improbable, but. . . Will they discover what caused her family to change? Can the girls change them back?

There is a Me in Team

Wisdom has a few things to say in this inspirational, rhyming book for children. With teamwork as the framework, Wisdom tells us it’s okay to fall and grow, emphasizing that we are better together as one team.

The Music Man

Our Rootin’, Tootin’ Hero
A biography of Norman “Joe” Lear, Sr.
Have you ever heard a trombone in action? How about a guitar? Do you know what they look like or how young must you be to play in a band? What is a band? Follow a hometown hero’s path to a new passion. Joe was a Texas-born United States veteran who traveled the world. He was brave in his own right and finding himself in need of something to do when he retired in Delaware… both times! His passion for music played a recurring tune – he really wanted to play his instruments. It made him happy! There was just one problem – Joe grew up! There wasn’t a band for miles for adults to join. Read his exciting tale to see how Joe, our Granddaddy, solved this problem for himself and an entire community of musicians.

Boops and Goobs
find a home

Boops found himself wandering along a busy road all by himself. Goobs had the opposite problem – he was born to a big litter of brothers and sisters in an already too busy home. Join Boops and Goobs on their first adventure together after they were rescued by a family of crazy, lovable friends, discovering they are better together.

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