Meet Boops and Goobs

Surely, you’ve seen a “Free Kittens” post on social media a time or two! That’s exactly how Boops and Goobs found their forever home. Boops was wandering alone on a busy road before the Snuggly Man (my husband) was called out to rescue him. It was, indeed, a snuggly ride home for Boops! Goobs was born to a large family inside the home of gracious humans who took the family in just long enough for everyone to wean (yes, they waited until the right time!). Now, these orange cats have found a forever home together.

Anyone who has orange cats might know just how wild and crazy they can be – especially when there’s more than one. When writer’s block hit, my husband said, “Why don’t you write about the cats?” And I thought, “Hey, why not?” Now, we have Boops and Goobs Find a Home. It won’t be the only book about their adventures, I can promise you! These crazy creatures find themselves in the most hilarious situations. We will post updates on the Facebook page from time to time so you can stay up-to-date with their latest shenanigans!

The book, Boops and Goobs Find a Home, is filled with hilarious banter in a comic-book feel. The pictures inside its pages are actual pictures of our family and the real Boops and Goobs (Orange Slice and Garfield – Garfield was already taken by some other really famous orange kitty so we went with nicknames instead). It will keep you laughing for the whole book!

We’re curious: Do you know an orange kitty?

P.S.: Here’s a plug for you to spay and neuter your pets! Please!

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