Hello! I’m Jenn.

What is your story? Or do you know a story that needs to be told? Chances are… you do! It might be your own story. It might be a story about someone close to you. It might even be a story you’ve made up with a little help from your own imagination!

“Oh, but I can’t.”
“I’m not creative.”
“This story isn’t interesting.”
“There’s so many stories already out there!”

I think these are all things we’ve thought over the years. But then again, if we get stuck in this rut of stuffing our dreams down deep where they can’t escape, we’ll never get started! That’s why I’m here: I decided I have a story to tell and I’m just going to DO IT!

I have dreamed of writing books for as long as I can remember. In fact, when I started writing at my hometown newspaper as a journalist, the editor at the time asked me, “What book are you writing? Journalists are always writing a book.” Well, he was write, err, right! But I was a Nervous Nelly, probably much like the famous Nellie Bly. The difference is… she finally went for it! I took on some interesting work as a journalist. I became the editor (another dream job!) of that newspaper and another local paper run by the same company. I managed to write some hard-hitting, albeit local, news and met some amazing people for those great feel-good articles everyone likes to read. I had the opportunity to lift up my own community in a way that left them more engaged and informed. As a journalist, it was a very humbling experience.

Eventually, one of those newspapers was cut entirely. My main newspaper went from a weekly to a monthly production. Over time, the stories of shrinking newsrooms hit home – I was laid off. It happened before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, giving me some time before the panic set in to really think about what I wanted to do with my life. Fortunately, I found another job fairly quickly with the Delaware Farm Bureau as their public relations coordinator – an amazing organization with staff, volunteers and members dedicated to serving humanity at every stage of life.

Working with the Farm Bureau has given me the strength and support to be creative. After my grandfather passed away over the summer, I knew I had more creativity left in me. I needed to write a book – finally. Here’s some things I knew I needed to focus on from the start:

  • Family is everything.
  • Love always.
  • Follow your dreams.
  • Who cares what the crazies on social media think about what you’re up to – Are you happy? That’s all that matters.
  • Get rid of negativity.
  • Fuzzy socks are LIFE!

Months later, I am launching my FIRST-EVER children’s books and I am reminded of all of these things. Even the last one – I spent a lot of my writing and designing time in fuzzy socks. I do hope you stick around for more amazing projects. Whether you’re a reader visiting me for the first time, a reader who has been with me as a journalist or a fellow creative interested in collaborating, know that YOU ARE LOVED! I’m not perfect. Neither are you. 😉 And THAT is how it should be.

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